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    High Energy Astrophysics - Selected Topics

    Jointly taught by Christoph Pfrommer and Huirong Yan

    The course intends to give a broad overview and covers recent developments in cosmic ray physics and high-energy radiative processes. We will cover some interesting applications ranging from small scales in solar physics, over the inter-stellar medium in galaxies to the largest scales with clusters of galaxies. Marks will be based on four weekly assignments. Topics include:

    • cosmic ray transport
    • diffusive shock acceleration (Fermi I)
    • stochastic acceleration (Fermi II)
    • magneto-hydrodynamical turbulence in cosmic ray physics
    • radiative and non-radiative processes in clusters and galaxies


    Feb 25Introduction, Quasilinear theory of cosmic rays [pdf]
    Feb 28Diffusive shock acceleration - Fermi I process [pdf]
    Mar 3Large scale MHD turbulence in CR transport [pdf]
    Mar 6Nonlinear CR transport and Fermi II acceleration [pdf]
    Mar 10Turbulence and cross field transport of cosmic rays [pdf]
    Mar 13Small scale turbulence and instability in Fermi I and CR transport [pdf]
    Mar 17Cosmic ray interactions and radiative processes [pdf]
    Mar 20Confronting theory with observations [pdf] [slides]


    1. Assignment 1 - Due 6 Mar 2008.
    2. Assignment 2 - Due 13 Mar 2008.
    3. Assignment 3 - Due 20 Mar 2008.
    4. Assignment 4 - Due 27 Mar 2008.